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16 December 2019

We know that if your vehicle needs a repair at this time of year, it can be challenging on the bank account. Everyone has so many outgoings in the festive season, so it can easily be tempting to turn to online deals to reduce your bill.

At H&L Motors, whatever the time of year, we always use original manufacturer approved parts. This is the only way to guarantee they are reputable, of high quality and not faulty and to ensure you have a warranty if anything should go wrong. You may be able to make a small saving online, but the evidence is there to show that it could cause you more problems and cost in the long run, and it may be more than your wallet that is at stake.

According to a recent government survey (see P35), there is a huge and rising problem of counterfeit vehicle parts online and vehicle owners are therefore being warned of the dangers of buying parts online. The worldwide counterfeit market is thought to run into billions of pounds and filters, brake pads, lights, wheel rims and airbags have been found to be among the most-common counterfeited car part.

Officials say such parts put road users at risk from a catastrophic failure of vital car components which may not adhere to safety standards. Essentially you could be putting yourself and passengers at risk.

Buying parts online has become hugely popular, but The Independent Garage Association (IGA) and The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF) are among the trade bodies that have voiced support to raise awareness about the risks posed by counterfeit car parts. Trying to identify these counterfeit, poor quality and potentially unsafe parts is hugely challenging as the seller websites are becoming very sophisticated and often appear legitimate. Sometimes there may be some clues such as very cheap prices or a typo in the part description. If you are purchasing online, you should watch out for these clues, however at H&L Motors we never recommend buying new or second hand parts online because the only sure way to remain safe from fraudster and poor quality suppliers is to purchase manufacture approved parts from your garage.

03 December 2019

We’re delighted to announce the arrival of the next and 4th generation Laney.
Henry William Peter Laney was born to Jonathon and Sarah on the 25th November 2019 at 11.27pm, weighing a healthy 7lb 6

He has been named after his grandfather Henry Laney, who founded our family business, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome him to the family.


12 September 2019

Congratulations to Park Lane Stables RDA Group who has been shortlisted for the 2019 Carriage Driving Awards in the “Driving for the Disabled” Group of the Year. We wish them every success for the awards which will be announced in November.  Up against only two other nominations, this is already an incredible achievement and recognition of the fantastic work they do. 

You’ve probably seen their carriage as a regular at local events, so you’ll be surprised to hear that the RDA Carriage Driving Group has only been running for a couple of years. In 2017 the Park Lane Stables RDA Group were turning away participants because – due to the nature/severity of their disability or their weight – they were unable to ride.  Feeling that this wasn’t fair – everybody should be allowed to experience the joy and therapeutic benefits that horses bring – they set about creating their RDA Carriage Driving group. 

Daniel competing at the Royal Windsor Show

After 12 months of hard work, fundraising, training, teamwork and a lot of support, they were ready to go in the summer of 2018. H&L Motors were delighted to commission a wheelchair-accessible carriage (Harriet the Chariot) for this ambitious project and thanks to the LBRuT Civic Pride Fund they had Sam the carriage horse. 

At the end of 2018, Park Lane Stables set a target for their Carriage Drivers to enter their first ever competition to gain experience and build their confidence. On 28 April 2019, RDA participant Harry and his young coach James entered the BDS West Sussex Show and James came away with a fourth place rosette. 

Just one week later on 9 May, a more confident Harry (who has Asperger’s) and Daniel (who is registered blind and has learning difficulties and anxiety issues) went on to enter the Carriage Driving competition at the prestigious Royal Windsor Show. This time Harry came away with second prize!  And since then The Carriage Drivers have continued to do well at the RDA National Championships in Gloucestershire in and the Chertsey Show in July!

It’s so heart-warming to see the Park Lane Stable team develop and provide such an incredible resource to young riders of all abilities. 

26 July 2019

What a great day was had by all at the Hanworth Classic show at Bushey Park last month.  As a family business we are always pleased to get involved in local family events and as local car enthusiasts who love to mix business and pleasure, this is one that really hit the spot!

When we weren’t busy admiring the many classic cars on display we were welcoming visitors to our own stand which featured an eclectic array of H&L Motors’ memorabilia dating back through the years, including our founder Henry Laney’s first telephone which he used for his dedicated business line.  That number, Teddington Lock 5865, is the number we still use today! 

Also on display was our very own vintage Morris Minor. A symbol of our long and local history, the H&L Morris Minor dates back to 1953, the year that Henry Laney founded the business on Wellington Road Twickenham as a one-man operation in a single workshop. But this wasn’t just about nostalgia, it was also about the new.  In contrast to our Morris, we were lucky have a Mclaren 600LT supercar on show.  As well as looking after all our neighbours’ needs for cars old and new cars, we are fully equipped with some of the latest technology to deal with some of the most valuable cars around.  

H&L Motors Brand Manager Rob Attwood was on hand to talk to visitors about this and show case some of our specialist wheel centre equipment.

The H&L Motors commissioned horse drawn carriage, was also proudly on display and generated much interest. This is used by Park Lane Stables in Teddington for their wheelchair disabled riders. Park Lane Stables is is the only truly urban riding school in London and as well as offering horse riding lessons and a busy Pony Club, the school is renowned for its ever-growing RDA (Riding for the Disabled) provision for children and adults with disabilities and learning difficulties.

The Hanworth Classic is an event that we are particularly pleased to be involved in. It’s wonderful to see so many families out enjoying the day and the beautiful cars involved. But for us, it’s about much more than that.  The Hanworth Classic raises much needed funds for the wonderful local charity Shooting Star Chase.  A charity most of us are familiar with, they are a leading children’s hospice caring for babies, children and young people with life-limiting conditions. They support families from diagnosis to end of life and throughout bereavement with a range of nursing, practical, emotional and medical care. Tending to those who are not fortunate enough to enjoy the easy family days out many of us can take for granted.  Above you can see our Brand Manager Rob Attwood presenting a donation cheque of £500 to Jane De Lay, Head of Community Engagement, from Shoot Star Hampton hospice.

In total, the show raised an incredible £25000 for the charity.  Thank you to everyone who came to visit!

02 July 2019

No. 1 for VW Group’s customer service

VW Group have just published their customer satisfaction survey results for the first half of 2019.  We’ve been VW Group approved since 2007 and have always prided our customer service, so we were delighted to see that we’ve come out on top in VW’s recent survey!

Out of their 190 approved paint and body shops, VW’s customer survey statistics show that H&L Motors have been ranked No. 1 both for overall satisfaction and also for communication through the process!  We’d like to thank all of our dedicated team for helping deliver this.

We’re always happy to hear from our customers, with the good and bad, to make sure we keep our customer service top notch, so if you have something to say we’d love to hear from you!

24 May 2019

If your vehicle is more than 3 years old, it will require an MOT each year.  This ensures that it is road worthy and that its emissions meet strict standards and driving a vehicle without a valid MOT could result in a fine or ban. It’s now been a year now since new MOT rules were introduced, so here’s a quick recap of the major changes:

1. Emissions:  Stricter rules have now been applied to help protect the environment, particularly for diesel vehicles.  Any car that has  a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and that displays any visible smoke during testing will get a major fault, which would cause the car to fail.  Your car will also fail if the MOT detects any tampering with the DPF.

2. New Items Added: Under the new MOT test, some further items have been included in the test:

  • Tyres must not be obviously under-inflated
  • There must be no signs of contaminated brake fluid
  • There must be no leakage of fluid that would pose an environmental risk
  • Reversing lights must be functional
  • Brake pad warning lights must not be lit, and brake pads or discs must not be missing
  • Headlight washers must work on vehicles first used from 1 September 2009 (if they are fitted)
  • Daytime running lights must be functional on vehicles first used from 1 March 2018

If you think your car may be showing signs of the above , or are concerned about its safety, please do not wait for your MOT.

3. New Categories for Results: Previously it was a case of passing or failing, but now any faults found are classed as

  • DANGEROUS:  a threat to road safety or will have a serious impact on the environment so the vehicle must not be driven until the fault is fixed
  • MAJOR: Defects that need repairing as soon as possible
  • MINOR: Defects that will still allow you to pass, but are recorded for reference so that they can be repaired at a later date

If you take have your vehicle tested before your current MOT certificate runs out and it fails, that will invalidate your current certificate and your defects must be repaired before you can drive your car away.

Advisories will still be given for things that should be be monitored before they become a defect.

4. The Certificate Design has been changed: It now lists any defects under the new categories, so they’re clear and easy to understand.

5. Old Cars:  Cars over 40 years old that haven’t been significantly changed will no longer require an MOT.  Previously this exemption only applied to cars that were built before 1960.

For further information on the new MOT, you can visit the government website page here

And if you would like to see your vehicle’s MOT history, this information can now be accessed for free for tests taken since 2005 – see here.



14 May 2019

We’ve long been a supporter of our local charity Park Lane Stables and you may have seen their carriage being ridden in some of the local community events over the last few years.

We commissioned this carriage, named Harriet the Chariot. A horse-drawn riding carriage, Park Lane Stables use it for their wheelchair disabled riders.

We were delighted to see that it is now fit for royalty as it took part in the Royal Windsor Horse Show in Home Park last Thursday, where the HM Queen Elizabeth II herself was in attendance.   Congratulations to the PLS team on an amazing achievement!


08 January 2019

Happy New Year everyone. We hope you enjoyed the Christmas break and have not found the return to work and school too painful!

Christmas is perfect for spending quality time with the family and if you have little ones, you may have had the chance to watch Bumblebee released on the 26thDecember.    It’s the latest Transformers movie about a yellow VW Beetle that transforms into a robot and according to Empire, it’s “An impassioned ode to both the toys and their era, this, at last, is the Transformers movie we’ve been waiting for”.   

And look what we found in our workshops just before Christmas?


Could this 1974 vintage Beetle be a Transformer cousin coming in for it’s own transformation?!?!

13 December 2018

You might not need to ask Santa for a new car this year!

Has anyone been asking Santa for a new car this year?  Don’t worry if you haven’t been good enough for him to sort that for you, because we think with the right care and attention for your existing car, you might not even need one!

Alan, seen here, joined us as a technician in 1990. He’s been driving his Kia Rio from new since 2009 and in those 9 years has notched up a spectacular 314,000 miles – all on the same clutch. We think that’s quite a result!

If you want to know the secret of his success and gain some tips for looking after your vehicle, please get in touch

06 December 2018

H&L Motors are getting into the Festive Spirit

Last Friday saw H&L Motors sponsor the Hampton Hill Parade for the 5thyear running and what a great way it was for families to kick off the festive season.

Leading the parade was our very own 1953 Morris Minor Pick-Up, who has spent months being painstakingly refurbished to be finally unveiled for the event. She was driven by Dave Sibley, who has been with us since 1977!   If you’ve ever had an MOT at H&L Motors, you will have met Dave at some point. Seen in the photo accompanied by his wife Kim, who has been with us almost as long!

It was great to see Park Lane Stables in the parade for the first time this year.  A wonderful local charity that we sponsor and who we’re sure you agree, lit up the street and added an extra sparkle of magic.   If you’d like to know more about them, do check out their website

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Winter Wonderland photo competition which went down a treat. There were some very creative entries and it was difficult to choose, but finally we couldn’t resist Heather Ayre’s son’s cheeky selfie.  We also added a runner up prize with this photo from Ellie Jones-Gray because we liked it so much!   For everyone else we had plenty of goodies at our stall and our light-up glasses and rings were very popular with the children.

All in all, we think the parade was the best yet and we hope you agree!

Merry Christmas