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The Winter’s Arriving Vehicle Check

Sadly our glorious summer has now departed replaced by the dreaded seasonal certainties of cold, wet and wind.  All of these are a challenge both to you and your car and you need your car to be in good physical condition to drive confidently through the coming months.

So why not be prepared and give your car the H&L Seasonal Service Check.  This includes a six month service, 44 additional safety checks and a written report on the condition of your car.

All for one knockout price of just …

£99 plus VAT

Autumn road


We’ll carry out a standard six month service and our renowned 44 points H&L safety check concentrating on key safety components including brakes, tyres, lights and seat belts plus those that take the main cold weather strain.  We will also change your oil and filter, top-up all levels and check your anti-freeze strength.

We will also prepare for you a written report illustrating the current condition of your vehicle and notifying you of any components that need attention.  All for the crazy price of just £99 plus VAT

To take advantage of this offer, just ask for the H&L Season’s Change Check when you make your booking.

Offer must end 1st April 2017


The Arrival of  Winter ‘once over’ check

Summer’s over and although you probably feel like staying indoors for the next six months the truth is you have to go out as much as ever and so you will rely on your car even more at this time of year not to let you down.  With that in mind you know you ought to check the oil, water, screen wash, brake-fluid, light bulbs, wiper blades and tyres; all for your own peace of mind.

So why not simply ask us to do it for you – for free!

£ Free


No need to pre-book this offer just pop in and ask for the H&L ‘once over’ check.  These simple quick checks will be performed whilst you wait and we will even top up your screen wash for free if it is required.  If anything else does need replacing or topping up we can usually perform this whilst you wait too.

Offer must end April 1st 2017 so hurry to take advantage of our generosity today!

The H&L Reduced Price MOT offer

Enjoy a great price saving when you bring your car* to H&L Motors for its annual M.O.T. test.

Only £35.00

VW gleaming web small

Just under half the nationally recommended M.O.T. price limit.


Should your car need any repair work done in order to pass the M.O.T. test then we can carry out that work for you and if we do, then there will be no retest fees payable.


Call us on 020 8977 5865 to book your M.O.T. test or fill in the enquiry form by clicking on this link

Book an MOT, click here!

* Terms & Conditions:

Please note that this offer applies to Class 4 vehicles only.

This offer runs from September 20th 2015 to March 31st 2016 and applies to all Class 4 vehicles tested during that period.

More Information about the M.O.T. test

This link takes you to the Government VOSA website for full information