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26 April 2017

Probably taking it a bit far to suggest that electric cars are taking over but H&L Motors welcomed its first all electric vehicle to the works this week.  This stunning looking Tesla model was in for an electrical fix that only H&L had the equipment to carry out at that time.

So thanks to our philosophy of total investment in leading repair technologies, H&L was yet again equal to the task of sorting out a complex technical problem.  And the outcome …… another satisfied customer!

Of course, this doesn’t mean that our customers with traditional petrol or diesel drives need worry that we are not ready for them; fortunately H&L Motors has already invested heavily in all the necessary equipment, staff training and skills to ensure that we can look after your car whatever its make, model or repair need.

06 March 2017

They say the only constant is change.

We think our longest serving employee (let’s call him Dave; we can do that, after all it’s his name) will agree. We’ve dug into the archives and found a picture from Dave’s very first day at work. Compare it to a slightly more recent photo.

So it’s not exactly like one of those almost identical ‘spot the difference’ photos – you can spot the odd difference or two without a magnifying glass; let’s face it you don’t see too many Ford Corsairs on the road these days!!

Seriously though, Dave has now put in a magnificent 40 years of dedicated service to H&L Motors and is now out senior MOT tester. Times have changed but Dave’s high standards have never wavered.

Congratulations Dave on 40 excellent years and thank you.

14 February 2017

So we’re not just all about cars. Take a look at this amazing quad bike. It was looking pretty used when it came in to H&L Motors so its owner asked us to give it a heavy duty piece of housekeeping and a shiny new respray – bodywork and grills.

You can see the extremely colourful impact of our efforts in our before and after photos.

Also the eagle eyed amongst you will see why we say we won’t see it on the roads any time soon; slight lack of number plates, indicators etc.

So, whilst we were musing over our latest piece of work we got to thinking about some of the other vehicles we have “entertained” and sorted out for our customers over the years.  Here’s two we really loved at the time and still enjoy looking at.

Agreed, this one wasn’t exactly an “off-road” vehicle although it was very definitely “off road” at the time it was on the back of our trailer!!

03 January 2017

The real thing ….. not even fantasy football.   England finally took home a football world cup, only fifty years after the last time.

The H&L Motors World Cup that is, in association with Brouge Bistros was held last Friday night.  The four international teams, England, Belgium, Azerbaijan and India, well local lads really wearing different coloured shirts, slugged it out on a truly grotty cold wet foggy night in Twickenham (see pic of Belgian goalkeeper picking the ball out of the net); and you thought Twickenham was the home of rugby !!

The whole event was held, of course, for charity and a lot of fun for those involved.  A magnificent £2,257.20 was raised on the night for the Cystic Fybrosis Trust.

And a massive thank you must go to Blade Llangozi from Brouge Bistros, the inspirational and organisational mastermind of the event without whose unflagging efforts none of this would have taken place.

Well done all and let’s hope we don’t have to wait another fifty years for England’s next World Cup win.

28 December 2016

H&L Motors were honoured earlier on this month to host a visit from two senior Volkswagen managers.

Following on from another 100% rating on the annual Volkswagen quality and compliance audit the two managers were no doubt keen to see how H&L do it.

On the left in the picture is Mike Partridge – Head of the Volkswagen Paint and Body Programme across the UK.  To the right of the group is Richard Pawinski H&L’s direct Manager in the Paint and Body Programme.  And, of course, in the middle is Jonathan Laney, partner in H&L Motors.

H&L Motors is very proud of its performance in achieving such a high audit rating – the culmination of a vast amount of hard work and dedication to detail.

More than all of that, and most importantly of all, achieving such high standards is the best possible guarantee to all of our customers that we are the right people to be looking after their vehicles and restoring them as good as new.

We look forward to reporting more such successes in the year/s ahead.

28 December 2016

What a selection of Christmas Jumpers on show.

And everyone really looking forward to the festive season for ’tis a time to be jolly – well nearly everyone anyway !!

As Managers and Staff alike put on their Christmas best there really was a festive mood throughout the business.

Christmas here we come.


22 November 2016

Reporting back on another year of sponsorship of the Teddington Lawn Tennis Club.

The Junior and Men’s Open Singles event was held through the last week in October.  The event was won by Thomas Miles, seen in the picture in relaxed mode propping up the ever present H&L Morris Pickup.

The whole event was organised by Anthony Mills (also in the picture and no relation, slightly different spelling so no fear of nepotism emoji-sunglass).

H&L presented the prize of £100 to the winner – very well done and, we are sure just a few steps away from Murray’s incredible achievements of reaching the world number 1 slot.

21 November 2016

Come and watch the Xmas Parade in Hampton High Street this Friday evening.  H&L Motors will be showing two cars in the parade.  Actually leading off the parade will be the good old favourite, our Morris Minor Pickup (pictured).  We will also be running our classic Rolls Royce in the parade.   After a recent facelift she is looking as good as ever and should be following directly behind the Morris.

Hampton High Street will close at 5.30 to traffic but that’s when the festivities begin. There are loads of stalls and fun things to do for all the family but, of course, the star of the evening will be leading out the vintage car parade commencing at 7.00pm.

And during the parade, look out for the H&L promotional people, you might just get lucky enough to receive an H&L goodies bag.

See the links below for more info about the parade: 

10 November 2016

H&L have just received complete VW approval for the second year in a row and fifth year out of the last six.

After passing an impressively rigorous annual inspection our bodyshop flew through with 100% pass rate.  Demonstrating just how rigorous the inspection is, we have to own up to achieving only 97% on our inspection three years ago – there was an out of date set of wiper blades in our stock area and one of our bench grinders was missing a cover!  Both could be considered minor issues but we  totally agree with VW that only perfection will do and we have set about achieving that since.

Job done!  So now all we have to do is work just as hard to ensure another 100% next year.

Being an officially VW approved bodyshop, you can be assured that your repair will be carried out using only genuine parts, and our trained repair specialists will ensure your car is restored to the highest standard. Using genuine body panels ensures that the body protection warranty stays fully intact.

The Business owners, Peter and his son Jonathon are very proud of their team for passing the inspection so faultlessly.   What is more, they are sure that commitment to detail and consistency required to pass this inspection assures you that you will receive the same excellence and attention to detail when you next bring your car in for work at H&L Motors.

10 November 2016

Great fun was had by all – and there were a lot of people at the Race Night at the Hampton Pub last week.

It was a huge success and even better than last year.

The event raised £1,073 which will all go to providing lessons, therapy and rides for the disabled.

And as well as providing a prize for the last race of a free MOT test (yes I know not the most glamorous of prizes but if you’ve got a car you’ve got to MOT it !!), Peter Laney purchased one of the horses on the night and it came in.

Now I know that Peter will be far too modest to mention this but he also donated those winnings to the cause – another £160.

We hope to see you at next year’s Race Night.