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02 July 2019

No. 1 for VW Group’s customer service

VW Group have just published their customer satisfaction survey results for the first half of 2019.  We’ve been VW Group approved since 2007 and have always prided our customer service, so we were delighted to see that we’ve come out on top in VW’s recent survey!

Out of their 190 approved paint and body shops, VW’s customer survey statistics show that H&L Motors have been ranked No. 1 both for overall satisfaction and also for communication through the process!  We’d like to thank all of our dedicated team for helping deliver this.

We’re always happy to hear from our customers, with the good and bad, to make sure we keep our customer service top notch, so if you have something to say we’d love to hear from you!

24 May 2019

If your vehicle is more than 3 years old, it will require an MOT each year.  This ensures that it is road worthy and that its emissions meet strict standards and driving a vehicle without a valid MOT could result in a fine or ban. It’s now been a year now since new MOT rules were introduced, so here’s a quick recap of the major changes:

1. Emissions:  Stricter rules have now been applied to help protect the environment, particularly for diesel vehicles.  Any car that has  a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and that displays any visible smoke during testing will get a major fault, which would cause the car to fail.  Your car will also fail if the MOT detects any tampering with the DPF.

2. New Items Added: Under the new MOT test, some further items have been included in the test:

  • Tyres must not be obviously under-inflated
  • There must be no signs of contaminated brake fluid
  • There must be no leakage of fluid that would pose an environmental risk
  • Reversing lights must be functional
  • Brake pad warning lights must not be lit, and brake pads or discs must not be missing
  • Headlight washers must work on vehicles first used from 1 September 2009 (if they are fitted)
  • Daytime running lights must be functional on vehicles first used from 1 March 2018

If you think your car may be showing signs of the above , or are concerned about its safety, please do not wait for your MOT.

3. New Categories for Results: Previously it was a case of passing or failing, but now any faults found are classed as

  • DANGEROUS:  a threat to road safety or will have a serious impact on the environment so the vehicle must not be driven until the fault is fixed
  • MAJOR: Defects that need repairing as soon as possible
  • MINOR: Defects that will still allow you to pass, but are recorded for reference so that they can be repaired at a later date

If you take have your vehicle tested before your current MOT certificate runs out and it fails, that will invalidate your current certificate and your defects must be repaired before you can drive your car away.

Advisories will still be given for things that should be be monitored before they become a defect.

4. The Certificate Design has been changed: It now lists any defects under the new categories, so they’re clear and easy to understand.

5. Old Cars:  Cars over 40 years old that haven’t been significantly changed will no longer require an MOT.  Previously this exemption only applied to cars that were built before 1960.

For further information on the new MOT, you can visit the government website page here

And if you would like to see your vehicle’s MOT history, this information can now be accessed for free for tests taken since 2005 – see here.



14 May 2019

We’ve long been a supporter of our local charity Park Lane Stables and you may have seen their carriage being ridden in some of the local community events over the last few years.

We commissioned this carriage, named Harriet the Chariot. A horse-drawn riding carriage, Park Lane Stables use it for their wheelchair disabled riders.

We were delighted to see that it is now fit for royalty as it took part in the Royal Windsor Horse Show in Home Park last Thursday, where the HM Queen Elizabeth II herself was in attendance.   Congratulations to the PLS team on an amazing achievement!


08 January 2019

Happy New Year everyone. We hope you enjoyed the Christmas break and have not found the return to work and school too painful!

Christmas is perfect for spending quality time with the family and if you have little ones, you may have had the chance to watch Bumblebee released on the 26thDecember.    It’s the latest Transformers movie about a yellow VW Beetle that transforms into a robot and according to Empire, it’s “An impassioned ode to both the toys and their era, this, at last, is the Transformers movie we’ve been waiting for”.   

And look what we found in our workshops just before Christmas?


Could this 1974 vintage Beetle be a Transformer cousin coming in for it’s own transformation?!?!

13 December 2018

You might not need to ask Santa for a new car this year!

Has anyone been asking Santa for a new car this year?  Don’t worry if you haven’t been good enough for him to sort that for you, because we think with the right care and attention for your existing car, you might not even need one!

Alan, seen here, joined us as a technician in 1990. He’s been driving his Kia Rio from new since 2009 and in those 9 years has notched up a spectacular 314,000 miles – all on the same clutch. We think that’s quite a result!

If you want to know the secret of his success and gain some tips for looking after your vehicle, please get in touch

06 December 2018

H&L Motors are getting into the Festive Spirit

Last Friday saw H&L Motors sponsor the Hampton Hill Parade for the 5thyear running and what a great way it was for families to kick off the festive season.

Leading the parade was our very own 1953 Morris Minor Pick-Up, who has spent months being painstakingly refurbished to be finally unveiled for the event. She was driven by Dave Sibley, who has been with us since 1977!   If you’ve ever had an MOT at H&L Motors, you will have met Dave at some point. Seen in the photo accompanied by his wife Kim, who has been with us almost as long!

It was great to see Park Lane Stables in the parade for the first time this year.  A wonderful local charity that we sponsor and who we’re sure you agree, lit up the street and added an extra sparkle of magic.   If you’d like to know more about them, do check out their website

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Winter Wonderland photo competition which went down a treat. There were some very creative entries and it was difficult to choose, but finally we couldn’t resist Heather Ayre’s son’s cheeky selfie.  We also added a runner up prize with this photo from Ellie Jones-Gray because we liked it so much!   For everyone else we had plenty of goodies at our stall and our light-up glasses and rings were very popular with the children.

All in all, we think the parade was the best yet and we hope you agree!

Merry Christmas


27 November 2018

Fancy a family trip to Wonderland?

H&L Motors is a family business so we know how important family time is!   That’s why we’ve decided to celebrate our 5th year of sponsoring the Hampton Hill Christmas Parade by launching a competition.

Just come and visit us at our stall on Friday 30th November (head for the Christmas tree and you’ll see our gazebo nearby!).  We have plenty of giveaways for the children and in your goody bag you’ll find a mini version of our iconic 1953 Morris.  On the bottom of each Morris is a number, which will go into a prize draw.  For a chance to win, all you need to do is post a selfie on Facebook with the number showing – tagging us and liking our Facebook page @HandLMotors, then you could be the lucky family with tickets to one of the attractions at Winter Wonderland this year.

(click here for further information)

What number is your Morris?



07 November 2018

On top of our customer service

We’ve been proud to be VW Group approved since 2007, so you can imagine how pleased we were to receive positive results from VW’s customer satisfaction survey.

Out of their 187 approved paint and body shops, VW’s customer survey statistics show that H&L Motors have been ranked No. 1 for communication through the process and No.2 for overall satisfaction!  Both categories have also shown an increase in their score v last year. This means a lot to us because customer care is at the heart of what we do.

We’re always happy to hear from our customers, with the good and bad, to make sure we keep our customer service top notch, so if you have something to say we’d love to hear from you!




31 October 2018

A top class result

Congratulations to Daniel Carpenter, seen here on the left with Teddington Lawn Tennis Club Head Coach Anthony Mills, and runner up William Fallon.  Last week he won the Men’s Singles at the Teddington Lawn Tennis Club Open Tournament sponsored by H&L Motors.   It looked for a while that the rain was going to put a dampener on things, but the sun came out in the afternoon to shine over a great mens’ final match.

This local gem of a club sits right in the heart of Teddington and has over 600 members. Its six courts (five of which are floodlit) and clubhouse are set within its own grounds at the end of Vicarage Road and it prides itself in being one of the top clubs in Middlesex, boasting six Men’s and six Ladies’ teams playing in the Middlesex leagues.


15 October 2018

Keep Safe This Winter

After an amazing summer, the winter months are starting to make an appearance and can be demanding on your vehicle.  Slippery roads, dark mornings and evenings, with wet & cold conditions, can conspire to push your vehicle components to their limit. 

You will want to be sure your vehicle is as safe as it can be in the poor conditions that winter brings.  Brakes, tyres, lights & seat belts are usually the most crucial, but there are also many other components that play an important part in keeping you and those around you safe.

Here are a few reminders for keeping your vehicle safe this winter:

  1. Check your wiper blades: these can need replacing more often than you realise. Eventhe best-performing wiper blades can start to lose their effectiveness in as little as six months. Streaks or missed parts of the screen are a good indicator that your wipers are in need of changing
  2. Top up your windscreen wash: with the extra dirt, mud and even salt on the roads, you’re likley to be using your windscreen wash a lot than you have done over the past few months, so make sure you are topped up and don’t run out.But be aware of using cheap fluid or putting in too much as you could end up with a concentration that is too high. Good visibility is key to safety, so if you pop into H&L Motors, we will happily provide you with a FREE recommended windscreen wash
  3. Top up your anti-freeze: Don’t leave it too late. Make sure you have plenty of antifreeze BEFORE those frosty mornings settle in.
  4. Check your lightsand make sure the lenses are clear: dark evenings will soon be upon us so make sure you remain visible when driving in the dark
  5. Check your tyres: On the wet roads, your tyres will be under more strain, so make sure they are inflated correctly and have plenty of tread to avoid stopping distances being reduced when you brake. Be careful too where you check your tyres and go to a reputable garage with a correctly calibrated tyre pressue gauge. If you top up at your local petrol station, the gauge can often be damaged due to misuse (such as dropping it) by members of the public who don’t realise how fragile it is
  6. Give your vehicle an H&L WINTER CHECK SERVICE: specifically focusing on getting your vehicle winter-ready, your vehicle will undergo a 40-point check, concentrating on safety components and those that take the main strain over the winter months.  In addition we will change the oil & filter, top-up all levels and check the anti-freeze strength. Prices start from just £99 – a small price to pay for peace of mind that everything is in order

If you have any questions regarding keeping your car safe during the coming winter months, or want to book in a winter service check, then please give us a call on 020 8977 5865 or drop us an email at: