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07 November 2018

We’ve been proud to be VW Group approved since 2007, so you can imagine how pleased we were to receive positive results from VW’s customer satisfaction survey.

Out of their 187 approved paint and body shops, VW’s customer survey statistics show that H&L Motors have been ranked No. 1 for communication through the process and No.2 for overall satisfaction!  Both categories have also shown an increase in their score v last year. This means a lot to us because customer care is at the heart of what we do.

We’re always happy to hear from our customers, with the good and bad, to make sure we keep our customer service top notch, so if you have something to say we’d love to hear from you!




31 October 2018

Congratulations to Daniel Carpenter, seen here on the left with Teddington Lawn Tennis Club Head Coach Anthony Mills, and runner up William Fallon.  Last week he won the Men’s Singles at the Teddington Lawn Tennis Club Open Tournament sponsored by H&L Motors.   It looked for a while that the rain was going to put a dampener on things, but the sun came out in the afternoon to shine over a great mens’ final match.

This local gem of a club sits right in the heart of Teddington and has over 600 members. Its six courts (five of which are floodlit) and clubhouse are set within its own grounds at the end of Vicarage Road and it prides itself in being one of the top clubs in Middlesex, boasting six Men’s and six Ladies’ teams playing in the Middlesex leagues.


15 October 2018

After an amazing summer, the winter months are starting to make an appearance and can be demanding on your vehicle.  Slippery roads, dark mornings and evenings, with wet & cold conditions, can conspire to push your vehicle components to their limit. 

You will want to be sure your vehicle is as safe as it can be in the poor conditions that winter brings.  Brakes, tyres, lights & seat belts are usually the most crucial, but there are also many other components that play an important part in keeping you and those around you safe.

Here are a few reminders for keeping your vehicle safe this winter:

  1. Check your wiper blades: these can need replacing more often than you realise. Eventhe best-performing wiper blades can start to lose their effectiveness in as little as six months. Streaks or missed parts of the screen are a good indicator that your wipers are in need of changing
  2. Top up your windscreen wash: with the extra dirt, mud and even salt on the roads, you’re likley to be using your windscreen wash a lot than you have done over the past few months, so make sure you are topped up and don’t run out.But be aware of using cheap fluid or putting in too much as you could end up with a concentration that is too high. Good visibility is key to safety, so if you pop into H&L Motors, we will happily provide you with a FREE recommended windscreen wash
  3. Top up your anti-freeze: Don’t leave it too late. Make sure you have plenty of antifreeze BEFORE those frosty mornings settle in.
  4. Check your lightsand make sure the lenses are clear: dark evenings will soon be upon us so make sure you remain visible when driving in the dark
  5. Check your tyres: On the wet roads, your tyres will be under more strain, so make sure they are inflated correctly and have plenty of tread to avoid stopping distances being reduced when you brake. Be careful too where you check your tyres and go to a reputable garage with a correctly calibrated tyre pressue gauge. If you top up at your local petrol station, the gauge can often be damaged due to misuse (such as dropping it) by members of the public who don’t realise how fragile it is
  6. Give your vehicle an H&L WINTER CHECK SERVICE: specifically focusing on getting your vehicle winter-ready, your vehicle will undergo a 40-point check, concentrating on safety components and those that take the main strain over the winter months.  In addition we will change the oil & filter, top-up all levels and check the anti-freeze strength. Prices start from just £99 – a small price to pay for peace of mind that everything is in order

If you have any questions regarding keeping your car safe during the coming winter months, or want to book in a winter service check, then please give us a call on 020 8977 5865 or drop us an email at:

24 July 2018

Remember we told you that Morris is away for a refurb?  Our famous 1953 Morris has been off the forecourt for a few months now while our technicians have been busy in the workshop getting her ready for the holidays.

She’s getting quite old, so every care has been taken to make her as good as new. We’ve stripped her right back to bare metal to do some “minor” (no pun intended) corrosion repair before a complete repaint, inside and out, which involves preparing each part before reassembling.  Finally she is receiving all new sign writing.



We are looking forward to seeing her back on the road. Join us as we follow her on social media to see where she travels @HandLMotors  #WheresMorris

20 June 2018

James Frost may be a new face to some of you, but your cars have already known him for many years!

We first introduced James to the business back in 1993.  He was just 16 years old and joined us for 3 years as a trainee Technician while attending college.  We were delighted to see him back in 2005, when he brought a wealth of his own experience as a Technician to H&L for a further 3 years.

Finally, in 2012, he returned to H&L, as an even more experienced Technician and has been with us ever since. Over the years he has gained a vast knowledge, not only of cars, but also of the H&L business.

We were delighted to recognise his contribution to H&L in April of this year, by offering him the role of Service Manager. He already knows many of our customers’ names, and although he may only just be starting to get to know their faces, he certainly knows their cars.  This gives customers the reassurance that when he talks about their cars, he knows his stuff!

James when he joined us

Back as a technician

Today, your Service Manager

We are proud to have watched James grow through his career and now have him join the management team – with every confidence that he will deliver a first class service to our customers.

15 May 2018

When Renault UK told H&L customer Mr Skinner that the part he required for his Renault Espace was no longer available, it looked liked his car was headed for the scrap heap.  But with a bit of thinking outside the box and a trip to France, H&L were able to get his Espace back on the road.

Rewind a couple months and Mr Skinner was very happy with his 2002 Renault Espace. It had always been reliable and drove well, until he began to experience problems starting his car.  It would take several goes to start – from 5 or even 32 – every time! Clearly not a safe way to be driving the car.  On inspection, the issue turned out to be the immobiliser, which was no longer able to read Mr Skinner’s key properly and was therefore preventing the car from starting as it should.   So the next step was to source a replacement immobiliser. A simple solution… or maybe not!

On contacting Renault UK, we were advised that the Renault Espace 2002 was no longer supported by Renault and that it would not be possible to replace the immobiliser.  This seemed like madness given the car’s otherwise good history, so we tried sourcing it second hand from the internet, breakers yards and even eBay – but to no avail.  Not wanting to accept defeat, Peter thought he’d give it one last shot during his skiing trip to France.  Armed with a photo and the part number, he took a little time out while he was “on holiday” in France and found a garage. The French owner confirmed the part was no longer available, and offered to “try the graveyard” (their words!).  The search was successful and Peter came back from skiing with the part. He plugged it in and it worked!  All for just 20 Euro and a bit of labour!

A few weeks later, Mr Skinner is still happily driving his Espace, which he describes as being back to its old self. “I cannot thank H&L enough. Peter definitely went beyond his remit to satisfy the customer and for that I am deeply grateful”

10 April 2018

You may have noticed that our iconic vintage Morris Minor van has not been spotted outside the H&L Reception for a few weeks. This is so our vehicle technicians can give her a careful makeover ready for the summer.

As you can see, she’s in pretty good shape considering she’s over 60 years old. There’s very little rust and we’re painstakingly preparing each section to get her ready for her re-paint.


Our Morris dates right back to 1953 – the year my father, Henry Laney, started H&L Motors as a one-man band in a single workshop to offer quality service to local motorists.

A lot has changed since then: Although 99% of the parts are still available, the features we would take for granted in a modern car, such as a radio, heating, automatic headlamp levelling and wing mirrors (!) would have been optional extras with a 1953 Morris Minor van, and we could have expected to get from 0-60 in 29.2 seconds.

And a lot has changed in our business too. Today, we have over 30 highly trained vehicle technicians, who have access to some of the most advanced diagnostic, recalibration, welding, bodywork and wheel equipment.  But the heart of our business is the same as it was in 1953 – and we remain driven by quality and the desire to provide the best customer satisfaction.

We like to think our Morris symbolises the values that drive the business and we look forward to welcoming her back on her wheels and to her proud parking space soon!

06 February 2018

You may well remember the competition that we ran at the turn of the year in which we asked the public to suggest names for the horse-drawn riding carriage for wheelchair disabled riders that we specially commissioned for Park Lane Stables. The competition resulted in the adoption of an excellent name – Harriet the Chariot – and one very happy, prize winning contestant!

Before embossing the name onto the carriage the Park Lane Stables team ran extensive field trials to ensure it was fit for use. In doing so, it became apparent that a few modifications were required – a task that our very own partner Peter Laney conducted himself! These included:

  • Fold-away wheelchair access ramp – metal guides added to ensure wheelchairs approach the carriage at the correct angle. Handles also added to the ramp to make operation easier for RDA assistants.
  • Seating layout – modifications made to the seating layout to make it more comfortable for wheelchair users, including a fixed footrest.

With these alterations made, Harriet’s name will soon be applied and she will be ready to go.

It seems then that whilst Peter usually has his head down in the books running the business, he has by no means lost the engineer’s touch!

Pictured: Harriet the Chariot stopping by H&L – probably for the last time until her annual repaint later this year.

04 January 2018

…well H&L didn’t quite make our hero famous but we did play a unique role in immortalising the iconic image of Steve McQueen atop a Triumph motorcycle!

Following McQueen’s success in The Great Escape, 1963, He joined the American motorcycle team ahead of the 1964 International Six Day Trial held in East Germany (yes, I do mean East!).

McQueen and his gang first stopped off in England to pick up the-then top of the line Triumphs available from the Triumph factory in Meriden. After applying some off-road modifications in the Comerfords workshop in Thames Ditton, the team was set to leave the UK in time for the ISDT. That was, until disaster struck and the team’s initial transport arrangements for the bikes fell through.

With the race fast approaching and expected delays in crossing the border into East Germany, the team was under pressure. In what must have been a nervy few days for team manager Ted Wassel, a deal was eventually struck to secure a last minute transportation van to East Germany – with none other than H&L Motors!

The team experienced mixed results in the Trial itself, with three of the American team receiving silverware whilst McQueen himself unfortunately received a DNF after an untimely crash on the fourth day. Despite the lack of success, it was during this tour that McQueen’s love affair with Triumph motorcycles was kindled, and in which some of the most iconic images of the pair would be taken. Pictured: Steve McQueen with the very Triumph no. 278 that H&L helped him to transport to East Germany – note the British registration plate!

So whilst we may not be the reason for Steve McQueen’s fame and fortune, this certainly shows that our workshop has played a role in international history – however modest that role was!

14 September 2017

Brilliant News! The horse-drawn riding carriage specially designed for wheelchair disabled riders has been delivered safe and sound; and what a beauty she is!

Big shout out to the members of the H&L team in conjunction with Fenix Carriages for making this possible. Special thanks must also go to Mark Broadbent, pictured, for his expertise and the labour of love he has put into the project.

We still need to apply a couple of finishing touches, but be sure to watch this space for updates on when we hope to deliver the carriage to Park Lane Stables, as well as a competition we will be running later this month to ask our readers to help name her!

And just to stop you worrying about it, Park Lane Stables will be supplying a horse to pull the carriage, Mark from Fenix is freed to do what he is so much better at, building them rather than pulling them.

Thanks Mark – great job well done!