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20 June 2018

Meet your new Service Manager

James Frost may be a new face to some of you, but your cars have already known him for many years!

We first introduced James to the business back in 1993.  He was just 16 years old and joined us for 3 years as a trainee Technician while attending college.  We were delighted to see him back in 2005, when he brought a wealth of his own experience as a Technician to H&L for a further 3 years.

Finally, in 2012, he returned to H&L, as an even more experienced Technician and has been with us ever since. Over the years he has gained a vast knowledge, not only of cars, but also of the H&L business.

We were delighted to recognise his contribution to H&L in April of this year, by offering him the role of Service Manager. He already knows many of our customers’ names, and although he may only just be starting to get to know their faces, he certainly knows their cars.  This gives customers the reassurance that when he talks about their cars, he knows his stuff!

James when he joined us

Back as a technician

Today, your Service Manager

We are proud to have watched James grow through his career and now have him join the management team – with every confidence that he will deliver a first class service to our customers.